Our Project

The Go4DiGREEN digital job training program aims to improve the situation of European refugees by measurably and sustainably increasing the digital and entrepreneurial skills of this target group.

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Refugees have a great potential to contribute to society and the ambitious goals of the EU Green Deal. They can significantly drive the transformation towards climate neutrality and could become climate ambassadors in third countries.

Taking into account core EU principles such as accessibility and inclusion, and contributing to the European Green Deal, the project consortium will develop accessible and needs-based training materials on green entrepreneurship.

Go4DiGREEN is an innovative and rapid response to the changing operational context due to the pandemic and climate change, as two major factors for the shrinking of the humanitarian space.

The project goes beyond existing solution mechanisms for dealing with humanitarian challenges and integrating people who have been forced to flee their homes.

Go4DiGREEN shifts the focus from basic economic integration to the empowerment of refugees, where they will be able to realize their potential and contribute to local economic and Green Deal development as entrepreneurs.

Go4DiGreen in addition to the European dimension of the project,  is an innovation that has the potential to be replicated around the world, where its impact will be multiplied.

Go4DiGreen represents an economy that works for people, resources that fit the digital age, and the promotion of refugee entrepreneurship as a stronger and resilient response to recent humanitarian issues. 

The core components of the project are based on a people-centered approach with a focus on accessibility and capacity building:

1) Design Thinking: digital guidelines to empower potential green entrepreneurs for the target group of vocational trainers.

2) A Certification Scheme – European Green Entrepreneur for the target groups of entrepreneurs and vocational trainers – “ECQA Certified Refugee Entrepreneurship Trainer in Green Economy”.

3) Accessible Learning Materials to become a Certified European Green Entrepreneur – “ECQA Certified European Green Entrepreneur” the target group of refugees and migrants as well as for persons who want to acquire digital skills and qualifications as entrepreneurs in the green economy.

4) A Digital vocational training platform – Green Entrepreneur for refugees and migrants as well as for persons who want to acquire digital skills and qualifications as entrepreneurs in the green economy.

The expected impact is to make refugees fit to become European green entrepreneurs so that they can contribute to the objectives of the Green Deal: Europe needs a clean and circular economy with more recycling, sustainable and intelligent mobility, and greener products in our shops.

The project is implemented by the consortium led by Blickpunkt Identität in Austria in partnership with  Koena in France, European Certification and Qualification Association and MGL Video in Austria, Syrian Youth Assembly e.V in Germany, and Bulgarian Council on Refugees, and Migrants in Bulgaria.