Go4DiGreen featured in Refu’In – An Innovative Toolkit for Inclusion of Refugees

Go4DiGreen is included in the Refu’In – An Innovative Toolkit for Inclusion of Refugees. The final version of the Refu’In was released in December 2022 and it is one of the latest toolkits for refugee integration and inclusion in Europe.

The Refu’In Toolkit is presenting best practices in Portugal, Italy, Sweden, and Bulgaria for inclusion of the refugees. The Refu’In Toolkit is bases on the people centric approach where the best practices are evaluated and selected based on feedback of practitioners with longstanding experience in the field of refugee integration and inclusion as well as by the feedback of the refugees.

The Refu’In Tookit in presenting the main project components of the Go4DiGreen Project, as well as the process behind the Go4DiGreen – how the project was born, the elements that facilitates the implementation, the impact of the refugees and the local communities, as well as the potential of the Go4DiGreen to be replicable as a good practice.

The Refu’In Toolkit is available in online version as well as in downloadable PDF format.