Go 4 Green Business

Digital skills are crucial for jobs and social inclusion. The rapid growth of internet access and connectivity has paved the way for the development of a digital economy around the world. However, there are large inequalities due to a lack of digital skills in both developed and developing countries, particularly in terms of socio-economic status, ethnic background, gender, geography, age and educational attainment (UNESCO 2018).

The Covid 19 pandemic has made the situation even more dramatic, especially with regard to forced migration. Refugees are one of the most vulnerable groups in European society. They are even more affected by the consequences of the pandemic than the majority population and there is currently no prospect of an improvement in the situation. The accreditation or nostrification of their vocational training is often a further obstacle to the pursuit of a profession that corresponds to their qualifications and to a meaningful integration into society.

On the other hand, refugees have a huge potential to contribute to society and to the ambitious goals of the EU Green Deal. They have a powerful role to play in driving the transformation towards climate neutrality forward, and could become climate diplomats in third countries.

The Go4DiGREEN digital job training program aims to improve the situation of European refugees by improving digital and entrepreneurial skills of this target group in a measurable and sustainable way.

Addressing core principles of the EU, such as accessibility and inclusion, and contributing to the European Green Deal, the project consortium will develop barrier-free and needs-oriented training materials on green entrepreneurship through the synthesis of specifically selected systems and tools that have already proven their worth (e.g. Digicomp, Entrecomp, MOOCs4inclusion, digital accessibility, ECQA, etc.) with the involvement of the target group right from the start through the design thinking approach.

The outputs of the project are:

  1. Guidelines for Conducting the Virtual Qualitative Interviews with refugees
  2. A Certification Scheme – European Green Entrepreneur for the target group of vocational trainers – “ECQA Certified Refugee Entrepreneurship Trainer in Green Economy”
  3. Accessible Learning Materials to become a Certified European Green Entrepreneur – “ECQA Certified European Green Entrepreneur” the target group of refugees and migrants as well as for persons who want to acquire digital skills and qualifications as entrepreneurs in the green economy.
  4. A Digital vocational training platform – Green Entrepreneur for the target group of refugees and migrants as well as for persons who want to acquire digital skills and qualifications as entrepreneurs in the green economy.

Go4DiGREEN will analyse all EntreComp and DigComp learning outcomes from all competences.

The result will be two new ECQA certificates:

  • ECQA-certified European Green Entrepreneur, and
  • ECQA certified trainer/consultant for refugee entrepreneurship – Green Economy

The expected impact is to make refugees fit to become European green entrepreneurs, so that they can contribute to the objectives of the Green Deal: Europe needs a clean and circular economy with more recycling, sustainable and intelligent mobility and greener products in our shops.

Visit the website of ERASMUS+ for further informations.