About the project

The Go4DiGREEN project aims to increase employment opportunities for newcomers in the EU by strengthening their digital and entrepreneurial skills in Green Economy. In this way, the project contributes to the European Green Deal.

Products for Newcomers

For People who want to become a green entrepreneur.

Products for NGOs

Our Guidelines

The goal of the guide is to show NGOs how to design online interviews and focus groups to best connect with the target group of newcomers. These guidelines were developed through a Design Thinking process.

Certified digital training program

Newcomers go through a training program certified by the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA),
that helps them start their own green businesses or change
their current businesses into green ones.

The project consortium developed training materials for green entrepreneurship based on the European competence frameworks DigComp and EntreComp. The project partner
ECQA ensures that the training course complies with European quality standards and is kept up to date.

Special attention is given to...

Lecture Videos:
presenting the learning content in English, German, French, Bulgarian and Arabic.

Plain Language:
making learning content easy to understand, especially for newcomers with different
first languages.

Design Thinking:
involving the target group in the development from the start.

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  • aims to empower newcomers by helping them realise their potential and contribute to local economic development through entrepreneurship.
  • is a European innovation with the potential to be replicated worldwide, where its impact will be multiplied.
  • provides resources that fit the digital age.
  • promotes newcomer – entrepreneurship as a solid response to recent humanitarian issues.

The contributions of newcomers to society are tremendous and achieving the ambitious goals of the EU Green Deal will rely on their contributions.
They have the potential to make a significant contribution to the transformation towards climate neutrality and serve as climate ambassadors.

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