Go4DiGreen and International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It is also a day to call for gender equality and to raise awareness of the issues women still face in many parts of the world. This year’s theme is  DigitALL. IWD provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and to reflect on the work still needed to ensure that all women have the same opportunities and rights as men. 

The Go4DiGREEN project aims to increase employment opportunities for newcomers in the EU by strengthening their digital and entrepreneurial skills in the Green Economy. This project contributes to the European Green Deal by promoting and supporting newcomer entrepreneurship in the green economy. We believe that empowering newcomers and supporting them in setting up their own green businesses is a solid response to recent humanitarian issues and can contribute significantly to achieving the ambitious goals of the EU Green Deal. 

The go4DiGREEN digital training program is especially helpful for women because it offers flexible learning opportunities that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. This is particularly important for women who may have caregiving responsibilities or other constraints on their time that make it difficult for them to attend traditional in-person training programs. 

Digital training programs also provide a safe and supportive learning environment that can help women overcome barriers to participation, such as social and cultural norms that discourage women from pursuing entrepreneurship or lack of access to networks and resources. 

Furthermore, a digital training program that is specifically designed for women can address the unique challenges and opportunities that women face in the green economy. For example, women may be more likely to start businesses in certain sectors, such as eco-fashion or sustainable agriculture, and a digital training program can provide tailored resources and support to help them succeed in these areas. 

At Go4DiGREEN, we provide resources and products that fit the digital age and promote newcomer entrepreneurship. We offer a certified digital training program for newcomers that helps them start their own green businesses or change their current businesses into green ones. The training program is certified by the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA), and it is based on the European competence frameworks DigComp and EntreComp

We pay special attention to making the learning content easy to understand, especially for newcomers with different first languages, and involving the target group in the development process from the start. 

Through Go4DiGreen, we are not only empowering women to start and grow their own green businesses, but we are also contributing to the global effort to achieve climate neutrality. By harnessing the power of entrepreneurship, we believe that women can play a key role in building a more sustainable and equitable future for all.
Susanne Linde
Blickpunkt Identität
Working on an inclusive training program, taking into account the variety of needs in the digital world, allows to fight against discriminations and prejudices which are real barriers for women, refugees and disabled people for example. Adopting a sustainable business model that respects our environment cannot be done without social justice. Offering accessible educational content according to a universal design logic is a prerequisite, and this is what we have tried to do with Go4DiGREEN, even if the task remains an ongoing process.
Armony Altinier
As a female entrepreneur myself, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that women face in the green economy. Through Go4DiGreen, we are able to provide tailored resources and support to help women start and grow their own green businesses, and to empower them to make a positive impact in their communities and the world.
Gabriele Sauberer
European Certification and
Qualification Association

About the project partnership:

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